Pigeon Blend

A ‘complete’ diet suitable for all pigeons including racing pigeons and backyard pets.

Made with quality grains for sustained levels of energy, protein and fibre. Suitable for pigeons from 8 weeks of age.

Comprised from: Wheat, Sorghum, Popcorn, Peas, and Safflower.

Average Nutritive Values

Crude Protein (%) 14.7
Fat (%) 2.9
Digestible Energy (Mj) 14.3
C Fibre (%) 4.8
Calcium (%) 0.06
Phosphorous (%) 0.1
Salt (%) 0.1
Lysine (%) 0.53
Methionine (%) 0.19

Bird feed range

Healthy and nutritious feeds for all types of birds including pigeons, ducks, & a range of wild birds.

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