50 years of
local know-how

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You know you’re in the ‘lucky country’ when you see the morning sun over the ridgeline and your crops light up in a flush of colour — this is Cowra, and this is where we like to call home…

Just down the road, a farmer turns the key of his harvester and looks through the window at the thick field of wheat ready to be stripped. Motoring along, the harvester sends a spray of dust and chaff upwards while the grain is fed into the collection bin. He looks out across the rolling fields and is happy to know there’s a few days work ahead.

300 kilometres away, a ute pulls up to the gate and a horse trainer jumps out, greeted by her horses flicking their manes in excitement. She unloads her bags of feed and pours some into the feeder.

Her horses dive in as she strokes the necks of their glistening coats and smiles.

The farmer knows what’s required to get the most out his crop; the trainer knows how to make sure her livestock are as healthy as can be… that’s why they choose csg to get the best results.

We get the most
out of every grain
to give you
the best results.

For over 50 years our local know-how has helped us provide the best quality seed & grain, so we can help our customers get the best out of their crops and livestock. What we learn we share, as we develop strong connections throughout Cowra and beyond.

Being a family-run business, there is a sort of pride you have to just want to ’get it right’ — to keep it going for the next generation… and generations to come.

We’re passionate about what we do, providing a complete offering that is more than just the final product. Across our four divisions — CowraFeed, CowraSeed, CowraEquip & CowraSupply — we encompass the full cycle. From seeding and harvesting, to processing and supply, we’ve got you covered. Backed by our renowned, reliable customer service, this all comes together to give you quality, top-notch products, and we’ll always keep it that way.

So, at the end of the day when the setting sun lights up the evening sky, you can appreciate where it all began, and the respect for the land that makes all the hard work worth it.

How do you create something this good?

Well, we believe it’s what you put into it that makes the difference. But to produce something this great, takes more… it takes years of experience working on this land. From the moment our seedlings break through the dirt — to when the crop is ready for harvest — we make sure that our focus is on quality and that we get the most out of what we’ve got.

Renowned for its rich earth, the soil here in Cowra is about as healthy and fertile as you can get. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty out in the elements, and you just can’t beat the fresh air of the beautiful Lachlan Valley. Being farmers ourselves, we know the value of putting time into the land, and we take care to sustainably farm all our properties.

We do the full cycle — from seeding and managing the harvest, to bringing seed back to our facility to clean and grade — where it either gets used as cereal seeds for sowing again or packaged for quality animal feed.

Our commitment to improving our products and processes means we can keep delivering reliable & high-quality products to farmers, growers and livestock owners who keep coming back for more…

Sustainable farming practices are top priority for animal and human health

- we get that.

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