Ewe & Lamb Pellet

Ewe & Lamb Sheep Pellets are designed to maintain body condition and milk production for ewes and goats during pregnancy and lactation. This pellet contains additives to maintain vitamin and mineral requirements.

Feeding Recommendations:

  • Pellets should be introduced gradually over a 7-9 day period, with access to roughage such as cereal hay or straw available at all times.
  • Feeding rates will vary based on of the nutrition requirement of the ewe, however use the following as a guide: for a 65kg Ewe, feed 650g per day for maintenance, then in the last month of pregnancy increase to 1kg per day. In the first month of lactation increase to 1.5kg per day, then in the second and third months of lactation decrease to 1kg per day.
  • Introduce small amounts (0.25% of bodyweight per day to start), and gradually increase the daily amount over 2 weeks to 2% of bodyweight per day.
  • The pellets are designed to be used along with a source of roughage such as cereal hay or straw, and always maintain access to a source of clean fresh water.

Comprised From: Barley, Wheat, Lupins, Mill mix, Oats, Canola Meal, Salt, Limestone, Molafos, Magnesium Oxide, Acid Buf, Vitamin & Mineral Premix

Average Nutritive Values

Protein 14 %
Energy (Mj/kg) 12.2
Crude Fibre 6.35 %
NDF 25.6 %
Starch 45.9 %
Calcium 1.2 %
Phosphorus 0.5 %
Magnesium 0.34 %

Stock feed range

Straight grains and mixes can offer higher energy and protein levels than other types of feed, making them a great choice for other ruminant animals including cows, sheep and goats.

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