Is trail feeding the best option for feeding stock?

There are several feeding options for your livestock, with each having their own benefits. Different feeding options can include trail feeding, feed troughs, and self-feeders.

  • Trail feeding: Trail feeding allows animals access to a section of pasture in a linear or strip-like manner. They graze in one strip until they have consumed all available forage before being moved to the next strip. This method ensures controlled grazing, prevents overgrazing, and promotes the sustainable regrowth of forage.
  • Feed troughs: Troughs are long containers that can be filled with a set amount of feed, allowing farmers to control the quantity consumed by each animal. This method can be used to prevent overeating and wastage, and ensures the animals receive specific nutrients, contributing to their overall health, growth, and well-being.
  • Self-feeders: Self-feeders allow animals to access feed whenever they want. The feed is kept in a weatherresistant box that the animals can feed from at their leisure. They can be filled with a large volume of feed to cover an extended period of time, reducing the need of frequent feeding while allowing livestock to regulate their own intake.

No feeding option is proven to be better than another, and choosing how to feed your livestock can be affected by location, type of livestock and production system, budget, and desired outcomes.

Grainline Feed Out Trailer

The Grainline Feed Out Trailer is perfect for filling feeders, troughs, and combines, or trail feeding in the paddock. It has been designed with a gravity system with fewer moving parts, making it a hassle-free solution to livestock feeding.

It is available in both 2.5 Tonne and 4.0 Tonne bins with several different design options to provide all your stockfeeding needs.


BRAKESE-brakes (one axle)
TAIL LIGHTSLED tail lights
DOWNSPOUTPoly downspout with flexi elbow
TRAIL FEEDTrail feed door with remote
TARPPull-over tarp with bungee straps
TARPWith roll over tarp
AUGER SIZE3m x 5 inch = 2.3m clearance from spigot
AUGER SIZE4m x 6 inch = 3.1m clearance from spigot
BIN LADDER4 rung ladder

Optional Features

GFTTROUGHTrough auger 700mm
GFTHDA2Twin actuators on hopper doors
GFTABAdditive Box (Gravity Box)
GFTSCScales (x320 digital readout)
GFTBWScales upgrade to batch weighing
GFTEBO2E-brakes on second axle (includes break away)
GFTOBBCOn-board brake control
GFTREGORego ready with blue slip & VIN number


Grainline’s Feed Out Trailer has many benefits, including:

  • All gravity feed system allowing for total cleanout.
  • Less moving parts resulting in low maintenance.
  • Set & forget door system on split bins, allowing the operator to set consistent flow ratio of products being discharged.
  • Door actuators and scales all powered through the tail light connection providing a simple and hassle-free connection.
  • Hopper supported with a ring beam construction which allows forces to be distributed evenly, preventing cracking and fatigue over time.
  • Italian made sealed reduction gearbox on lower auger drive for reliability and zero maintenance.
  • Simple to use, high quality scale system (pressure washer proof)
  • Nylon door tracks to ensure consistently smooth and jam free operation.
  • Unique trail feeding door operation through pulsing of the vehicle brakes. This is backed up by a wireless remote control and manual switches.


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