What Goes Into Your Feed?

Ever wondered how your top-quality feed products are made? From sowing the seeds to harvesting the crop, and cleaning and packaging the grain, CowraFeed manages the entire supply chain to give you the best results.

We aim to deliver the best products to our resellers and customers accompanied with the best service we can provide to maintain a strong and trusted relationship. 

But the process doesn’t stop there! 

The Complete CowraFeed Process

We believe great feeds begin with great ingredients. To build this quality into the CowraFeed products right from the start, we sow and grow many of our own ingredients on our own farms in the Cowra area – the surrounding Lachlan Valley region is renowned for its rich and fertile soils, ensuring our feed and seed grains are of the highest quality.

Any products not grown by CowraFeed are sourced from local farmers and trusted wholesalers with the same commitment to quality.

After months of growing, the crop is fully developed and ready to harvest with our “built-for-Aussie-farmers” equipment assisting the process. The seed is then brought into our Cowra facilities to be professionally cleaned. Cleaning the grain ensures that all harmful materials are removed in order to keep your
animals fit and healthy.

Once cleaned, the grains are then separated to be either:

1.       Bagged directly to make our supply of straight grains,

2.      Cracked or rolled to release all the goodness and nutrients for stock animals,

3.      Mixed with other grains, minerals and vitamins and coated in molasses or vegetable oil to create our specialised CowraFeed blends.

All these feed products are then processed through our automated bagging machine to be packed and palletised. The palletiser ensures we maintain consistent and accurate bagging and packing, while simultaneously assisting our team to bag our products as quickly and efficiently as possible, ready to be delivered to our resellers.

Using our network of carriers from around the NSW regions, CowraFeed will then organise freight to our reseller stores, ensuring a prompt delivery. 


Having a vertically integrated supply chain gives you the advantages of higher quality and consistency, reducing the amount of supply chain disruptions that occur, and allowing for more price stability. 

Prices generally fluctuate in the stockfeed industry as they are tied closely to the cost of raw materials. Having the advantage of managing the full cycle allows CowraFeed to have more control over the supply chain and raw material prices, which means we can offer better support to our customers with higher price stability. 

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