The Humble Australian Lupin

The Australia lupin is grown widely across the country. In fact, it is the largest pulse crop we grow in Australia, and over 80% of the world’s lupin crop is actually farmed in Western Australia!

Narrow-leaf varieties, such as the Australian Sweet Lupins, are exported to many countries including the Mediteranean, where they are eaten as a pickled snack food. Lupins are quickly becoming a favourite legume as the world’s richest natural source of plant protein and fibre.

The lupins we sell as stockfeed are grown in the Cowra region, which is renowned for its rich and fertile ag industry. All lupins are cleaned and processed before they’re dispatched to our resellers for sale throughout the state.

One of our resellers, K B Medical Supplies, uses lupins in a unique way, filling therapeutic heating and cooling bags for natural pain relief. Find out where to get your hands on their products below!

How are lupins so versatile?


According to the GRDC, the lupin grain is high in crude protein (28-34%), digestible protein (13-15% and metabolisable energy (ME), with low starch levels. It is a safe feed option for cows and sheep, and is also popular in the pig and poultry industries.

Lupin also has significant benefits in stock feed mixes as it is a concentrated source of protein and energy and has is easy to handle and store.

Human consumption

Lupin is a part of the legume family. Traditionally, they were eaten in the Mediterran basin, Latin America & North Africa. However, the extreme bitterness of the ancient legume discouraged people from using it in their meals.

The Australian Sweet Lupin however, has a sweeter neutral taste and no longer needs to be soaked in brine before consuming. It is gluten free and boasts high protein & fibre, with low carb composition. It is now recognised as a great substitiute for wheat, and lupin flour can be used widely in cooking and baking.

Medical benefits

Studies have revealed that Australian Sweet Lupins suppress appetite, reduce blood pressure, and improve glucose metabolism & bowel health. They have great health benefits, and can also be utilised for therapeutic use.

Where can I buy Australian Lupins?

Our resellers

We currently supply premium quality Lupins to resellers throughout New South Wales. These lupins are cleaned and processed, and are perfect for animal feed. Available as cracked or whole lupins.

Lupin Therapy Bags

The Lupin Therapy bags are made and sold in Australia by our reseller, KB Medical Supplies. Based at Erina on the Central Coast NSW, Australia, they are located just 1 ½ hours north of Sydney.

Their brand, Live Well Health Essentials, focuses on providing qualilty complementary health care products to give positive solutions for health care needs, including Back Pain, Arthritis, Travel and Adventure, Sports, First Aid Supplies and Pain Management.

You can find a stockist using their store locator, or shop online to get your own lupin-filled heat bag.

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