The Complete Guide to Buying a Grain Auger

Depending on your requirements, grain augers are available in a range of types & sizes. We’ve combined industry knowledge and first-hand experience to create this in-depth breakdown of a grain auger. The Complete Grain Auger Guide details the uses and features of different augers, so you can be confident when purchasing your own.

What is a grain auger?

Grain augers are used to transfer grain from one location to another. This could typically include loading a storage bin or silo from a truck, unloading a silo to a truck or feed out cart, or filling a grain bunker.

There is a large range of auger products available, depending on your needs.

Pencil Augers are a cost-effective solution for moving grain, pellets and stock feed mixes. They are available in lengths up to 15m, with a 4”, 5”, 6” or 8” diameter. Pencil Augers are available in electric or hydraulic drive, with wheel kits and adjustable height winch kits. They are manufactured in Australia with heavy gauge steel and engineered for longevity and ease of use.
The main uses for pencil augers are:

  • Filling feed out bins
  • Filling stock feeders
  • Feed mills
  • Seed cleaning
  • Bulk bag filling
  • Feedlots

Mini Mobile Augers are a small petrol driven auger capable of moving a lot of grain quickly. Ideal for small jobs, they are light weight for easy handling, and operate very smoothly via a centrifugal clutch. Mini Mobile augers are available in 4”, 5” or 6” diameters, and 5.5m or 8m lengths. With a capacity of up to 30T/hr and high-speed road wheels, they are a great value user-friendly must have for every farmer or grazier working with grain.

Grainline Transportable Augers are a premium quality Australian made engineering masterpiece for efficiently moving almost any bulk commodity. Available in 6”, 8” and 10” diameter, and in lengths from 9m up to 17m there is a model for every situation. Petrol motors are the most common, however electric, hydraulic or PTO engines are available.

Standard features of Transportable Augers include:

  • Heavy duty double intake flighting
  • Guarded drive shaft
  • Triple reduction on the lift cable
  • Cable pulleys and slide rollers run on sealed bearings
  • Reversible gearbox on petrol and PTO engines
  • 3rd Wheel (11m and above)
  • Removable 25L marine fuel tanks (18HP and above)
  • Heavy duty safety brake winch

Hydraulic lift and drive kits are optional on transportable augers 11m and above.

Self-Propelled Augers are designed to take the strain out of moving grain, utilising superior mobility and accurate fingertip control to manoeuvre the machine. They are available in sizes ranging from 11m to 21m, with a 8”, 10” or 12” diameter. These augers are state of the art in design and efficiency. With a capacity of up to 180T/hr they are a must for every serious grain farmer.
Standard features of Self-Propelled Augers include:

  • Heavy duty double intake flighting with a cupped edge
  • Mechanical drive for greatest efficiency
  • Quick release self-levelling 25L fuel tank
  • Reversible gearbox
  • Guarded drive shaft
  • Hydraulic wheel drive and lift
  • New 4wd tyres
  • Dual motor drive wheel (standard on augers 18m and above)
  • Standing platform
  • LED Lights are optional

The Bunker Auger is used to fill grain storage bunkers up to 35 metres wide. It incorporates a drive over hopper with folding hopper ramps, to make operation and positioning quick and easy. The bunker auger features a 15” diameter, and can reach 23metres.

The Side Shift Augers were designed to overcome the inconvenience and downtime involved in reversing and splitting trailers. This unique horizontal auger system mounts to the trailer and transfers grain beyond the side of your truck where it can load directly into another auger or hopper.

Optimising your Auger

Standard features of Grainline augers provide maximum safety and efficiency for the user. These include:

  • Heavy duty double intake flighting
  • Permanently fixed inner guards with a removeable outer guard
  • High speed road wheels for long distance towing
  • Intake choke emergency cut off switch
  • Telescopic tow bar
  • 3rd wheel to raise and position auger
  • Reversible gearboxes (on all Grainline petrol and PTO augers)

Grainline also have a range of optional upgrades available, depending on the auger type and size.



Australian made for Australian Conditions

Manufactured right here in NSW, Grainline products are trusted by farmers across the nation. Their Augers are locally available Australia-wide through a network of qualified dealers, and every product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With exceptional customer service and after sales support, Grainline have proved to be the preferred supplier of grain handling equipment.

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