Self-Propelled Augers

Self-Propelled Augers take the strain out of moving grain, using superior mobility and accurate fingertip control to easily manoeuvre the machine. They are a premium quality auger, designed to optimize time, safety and simplicity in farm operations. Available in sizes ranging from 13m to 21m, with a 10” or 12” diameter, these self-contained augers have a capacity of 120 – 180tonne.


  • Dual Wheel Drive Motors. Provides all the power required to get your auger where you need it. Available as an upgrade on augers smaller than 18m if your terrain is soft or sloped.
  • LED Work lights.

Utilising our local connections and state-of-the-art facilities we are able to assist with all stages of grain sourcing and processing.

Backed by local know-how, we make sure the feed you give your animals is as healthy as can be. Packed with minerals and goodness, these top quality grains are guaranteed to give you the best results.

Sourced from the rich pastures of the Lachlan Valley, we provide a proven range of grazing and grain-only cereal and oil seeds for sowing.

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Online Enquiry

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