Cool Horse Blend

Cool Horse Blend is a specially selected blend of grains formulated to minimise excitable behaviour.

This blend contains no oats, and is ideal for nervous or excitable horses.

Comprised From: Rolled Barley, Cracked Corn, Cracked Lupins, Black Sunflower, Cracked Tic Beans and Molasses.

Average Nutritive Values

Crude Protein (%) 13.5
Fat (%) 3.1
Digestible Energy (Mj) 13.7
C Fibre (%) 5.4
Salt (%) 0.1
Lysine (%) 0.47
Methionine (%) 0.19

Equine feed range

From a pony to a racehorse, our professionally cleaned, dust and chaff-free feeds are specially designed to meet your requirements.

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