New Look, Same Commitment

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The last few months have been great fun.

Going back to the roots of csg showed us just how much we have to give back to our community.

With over 30 years of operation, we’ve delivered quality products and services time and time again.

Our reputation has grown, along with our customer base – and we’re now trusted by retailers and farmers from all areas of NSW!

Being local at Cowra, in the heart of the Lachlan Valley, we have a lot to offer in the way of quality and sustainability. The soils here are renowned for their richness and fertility, which means our grain products have a quality advantage right from the start.

We make sure all our feed and seed products are cleaned and processed properly in our factory before we sell them. This consistency means that our products always exceed the expectations of our customers.

It also means that we can get the most out of the grain as well, by using every part of it to deliver value for our customers. For example, we can sell premium seed grain for cropping, and use the cleaned seconds as bulk stockfeed for livestock!

The values of quality and sustainability are engrained in our history, and they’re just as much a part of us as the dirt on our boots.

But just recently, in September 2021, the family involvement in our business has grown to include yet another generation of family in management.

Since this, we’ve maintained our service and our products, and increased our focus on helping our customers grow. So feedback like this from our customers means the world!

“Wow, this is great. You guys are really improving your customer service and marketing etc. great work.” Dan Williamson, Cobargo Co-operative

“I find the team at csg easy to get a hold of and if they are not available, they always return my call. We mainly deal with Mark and find him very easy to talk to.” Tracey Cook, TJ Stockfeeds

Looking back, 2022 was definitely the start of something bigger at csg.

We’ve developed a major point of difference as a seed and grain supplier, introducing a partner program and improving our product range based on customer feedback.

Personal service has become a major part of our business. It’s the first thing we give in every email and every phone call, and it’s the last touch we make to the product just before it’s despatched.

And now, we really want to celebrate this journey with our customers.

Their trust, and their loyalty, has pushed us to where we are, and inspired us to move beyond.

Which is why… we’re refreshing our brand!

We’re proud of our heritage.

We’re keeping our connection to the land and our local community.

And we’re going to uphold the trust of our customers.

Our products and services will stay the same – reliable, sustainable and consistent.

The commitment to quality and customer service will stay the same – trusted, renowned and personalised.

Our new brand will be the symbol of our promise to you, that we’re here to help you grow.

So to all customers, farmers, stockists, and locals: although change can be difficult, this time it’s for the better! Our new look brings together both our past and our future, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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