Benefits of Canola Seed Grading

What is Seed Grading?

Seed grading is a process used to classify seed on the basis of size, shape, colour or density. It can be used to improve the quality of seed by removing undesirable materials and damaged or undersized seeds.

The purpose of seed grading is to maintain quality seed from one season to the next. By removing any destructive elements and the lighter, less vigorous seed, we are able to produce a high-quality, premium seed with only the heavier and more vigorous seeds for your use.

The Benefits of Seed Grading – Make Every Seed Count

Both expert official tests and practical results have proven that proper seed grading gives a dramatic increase in yield – up to 45%! By removing small and dead seeds, you effectively increase both the germination and the emergence rate of your seeds.

This is because the larger and healthier seeds are more likely to produce stronger and more vigorous seedlings. Larger seeds also emerge faster, and early emerging seedlings have a high probability of being larger at stem elongation and producing more grains than later emerging seeds.

How we do it as CowraSeed

To professionally clean canola seed, we remove any foreign elements from the seed and take out the lighter grain. Our aim is to retain only the top 10% of vigorous and healthy seeds, ensuring you get the premium quality you need for your crop.

The remaining small grain is treated and bagged to the customers requirements, and can be sold at market rates.

We also offer seed treatment, which will professionally coat your canola seed with the fungicides and insecticides to improve immunity and protect against disease.

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