Australian Ag set for another record year!

With the summer production forecast for 2022 expected to be the fourth highest on record, and a winter crop production forecast of 61.9 million tonnes, Australian agriculture is set for another record year.

Though some areas have experienced tough seasonal conditions and extreme flooding, yield prospects throughout most of Australia remain highly favourable. Sowing is underway across the nation, and soil moisture across the Eastern coast is well above average.

However, despite the forecasted production levels and favourable conditions, there is ongoing concerns regarding the higher input costs of fertiliser and chemicals. Many producers are struggling to source required chemicals, and are turning to seed treatment for crop protection throughout the emergence and establishment phase of sowing.

Seed treatment is one of the most effective ways to support the growth of seeds and encourage healthy crops. It can provide critical protection by improving immunity and promoting consistent germination of seedlings.

At csg, our range of services are designed to provide a higher quality seed for improved yield with chemical protection. We are currently providing seed cleaning, treating and grading to many farmers throughout NSW, aiming to provide higher quality seed for an improved yield.

Are you planning to get higher results from your seeds this season? Enquire about our products and services today!


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